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Monday, 23 May 2011

1st professional EXAM..

hmm..rasenye still not too l8 for me to share my experience on the 1st PRO exam..
this exam was held on 16th to 18th May 2011..
it was a very "unique" experience because..
we need to  cover the whole topics for all subjects of 2 years in 2 weeks..(imagine)..
i cannot believe myself passing the exam..(alhamdulillah..=)) because in term of preparation..worst...EVER..=(
so, if any juniors ask for advices..i personally will say..it was VERY HARD and please..
don't expect that the pattern of questions will be the same! or.. in other words,
TRY to cover the topics as much as u can..(for sure u most likely cant cover all..bnyk kowt ^_^")
n if u aim for distinction, u need to know in details..

here are some of the questions i get during viva session (even thought i didnt manage to pass the viva, but yet the experiences i gained is so.... much meaningful=))

  1. Dr. Emad 
    • he asked me about the femur bone and muscles attachment, a bit on mechanism of walking by sequences..then, he ask me about nerves relation to mandible bone, and lastly, on interatrial septal defect..
  2. Dr. Khin MaungMaung
    • he asked me about DNA structure, and compare it with RNA..then, he also asked about Kreb's cycle in sequence.. 
  3. Dr. MMC
    • 1st, he asked about the hearing pathway followed by mechanism of speaking..then, he asked me about the muscle tone..
  4. Prof Nasa
    • he asked me about MHC and how to do MHC typing..then, proceed with question on antigen presentation.. and lastly on hypersensitivity.
  5. Dr. Naznin
    • she asked me about thrombosis, anti coagulant, and tumor suppressor gene (TSG)..
  6. Prof Shuhaimi (external examiner)
    • Therapeutic index with examples of both low and high index..
Well,personally, i can say that i'm lack of preparation before the exam..thats why i cant answer very well in viva..sedeh?? well i admit that i was kinda depressed (a bit)..but then, something reminds me about the ultimate intention to study~~which is.well,.u know what!~~

fight against HIV!!
so, thats all what i want to share for now..all in all, BE PREPARED!!

Just get started!

mother's love never fades~~
i'm Ahmad Nazir bin Muhammad Hairi (fullname)..just call me 'nazir'..
most of people might think that i'm a bit "cold" ..
yes,maybe..but not 100% true ek..=P
now,i just started to have my own blog..\(^0^)/
knape ek???
well,saje je..seeing my friends having their own,
make me feel to have one..hehe..=)
lagipun, fikir2 balik, it might be useful later in the future..
and  i hope to meet new friends here~~
OKlah, selamat berkenalan & sile beri tunjuk ajar =)